What are you so afraid of!?

I’m REALLY sorry but it looks like they’re about to rap battle

it got better


i accidentally fell in love
with a singer
i immersed myself in
the sound of his voice
and breathed in the
scent of his words and
i swear i could feel
his heart beating in
my hands when i sang
along to my favorite song

i accidentally fell in love
with a singer
and he never
even learned
my name


i will never let go of those pics of predebut zico an kyung lookin like the stars of korean that 70’s show image



when teachers start lecturing the whole class about how they’re wasting so much of their time, and end up just wasting even more time



the whole concept of flirting is just lost on me most of the time really. whenever someone is like “oh they were flirting with you” i’m just like. what. whenever someone is like “were you flirting with them?” i’m just like. what. whenever someone is like “oh you totally were flirting with them!” i’m just like. what. what is flirting. what is going on. what. i have no idea what’s going on. what





Meet Nick Vujicic, he was born with no arms and no legs and is, and will continue to be an absolute inspiration to me. seriously, if you are ever feeling down, listen to some of his talks… I guarantee you, you will feel better about yourself :D (updated to include picture of him with his wife and son)

he is beautiful

she is beautiful

there’s so much beauty I just can’t

he truly is an inspiration ……

I met him, he’s such a nice guy


I love this gif so much

do you need some help.. ? 

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